Thom Browne
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Photography by Laurence Ellis

To mark the opening of the 3 albemarle street store in london, the first in the United Kingdom, Thom Browne hosted a tennis tournament on July 1st, 2017. Players and spectators alike wore white from the tennis capsule collection available exclusively on Albemarle Street.

Designed by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon who were informed by Corbusian principles, the Golden Lane Estate was a prime example of modern living at the time of its construction.

Tennis players wore shrunken white cotton pique self-lined blazers tipped in navy grosgrain with engraved tennis racquet gold buttons, cropped tailored trousers, pleated calf-length skirts and terrycloth head and wristbands. In matching silhouettes, spectators wore white linen suiting tipped with ivory silk grosgrain, oxford shirts and shirt dresses, with black linen ties held in place by a sterling silver tie bar, and white suede brogues.

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