Thom Browne
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Design Miami / Basel

Design Miami/ Basel’s Design at Large presents largescale  works of historical and contemporary design,  showcasing ambitious architectural installations  that feature both conceptual and industrial  innovation. Design at Large is intended to be a site  of discovery for visitors to the fair, presenting a  selection of works that explore a particular theme  inspired by current topics in design. Each edition is  curated by a global tastemaker.  The 2017 edition of Design at Large is curated by  American fashion designer Thom Browne, known  for reinterpreting clothing for both men and  women as a means of cultural commentary. The  installation exemplifies Browne’s interpretation  of Gesamtkunstwerk, juxtaposes the designer’s  characteristic tension between uniformity and  individuality, and is surrounded by a grid of important  desks from the last one hundred years, marking  significant movements in design history, innovations  in materials and styles, and statements from masters  like Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand, and Ron Arad.  The exhibition is animated on Design Miami/ Basel’s  Vernissage with a choreographed occupation by  young design and architecture students, illustrating  the revelatory and mundane process of creation.  During a time when the future of work has come into  question and the desk typology is being reconsidered  for today’s elastic styles of working, Browne’s Design  at Large pays homage to the conventional through  an utterly original encounter.

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